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Camp Haunt, Then and Now

In 2016, I wrote an epistolary horror novel. I called it Camp Haunt, and I published it 3 times a week on Channillo.

After I’d finished it, I realized that while I had told one version of the story, I wanted to tell it in a different way. So now, I’m working on rewriting¬†Camp Haunt with a more traditional novel structure. I plan on reusing the pieces of the epistolary novel as well, though some of them will be rewritten to reflect a few changes that I decided to make in order to have the story work better in this new format.

If all goes well, I hope to be publishing this one in the autumn, close to Halloween. Fingers crossed that I can keep on track to do this, because it’s going to be a fantastic spooky read!

But if you really need to read it now, check it out on Channillo, where you’ll have to just imagine the rest of the story that I plan to tell!

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