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Two Heads are Better

Action figures of Batman, Superman, and Wonder WomanWhat’s better than a superhero?

A team-up!

Any time you get two (or more) superheroes involved, you’ve got potential for more exciting happenings. And, likely, more exciting conflict.

In Sparx and Arrows, Kara Sparx, who is very much not a team joiner, works with Huntsman to deal with a problem that they’ve both had to confront–robotic ex-presidents! Though it may not change her opinion overall, it’s still fun to have her interact with other heroes in the Cobalt City Universe.

Let’s hear from you! Who’s your favorite superhero team-up, whether one from canon or one you’d just love to see? Answer in the comments!

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  1. I was always a sucker for the Annuals team ups of The Question, Green Arrow, and Batman back when Denny O’Neil was the group editor. Great stuff.

    The team-up I’d LOVE to see, however, would be the Cobalt City team up between GhostHouse and Jeremy Zimmerman’s Kensei. 😉

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