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2018 Planning

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Yesterday, I talked about what I accomplished in 2017. I managed to get a lot of writing, reviewing, and editing done. 2018 will be similarly ambitious! This year, I’m writing a bit more detail about what I plan to work on, so that I can track it better at the end of the year!

In 2018, my writing goals are:

  • 18 new short stories
    • Two of these are already drafted and just need revisions completed. Several more are outlined but not begun. One of these is the rewrite of the micro-fiction that I had originally planned to finish in 2017. Three stories (including one that is drafted) are being written for anthology calls, while three other stories are more Cobalt City goodness.
  • 3 new novels
    • These are Brass & Glass 3, my planned expansion of Camp Haunt into a non-epistolary structure, and a post-apocalyptic novel (codename: island).
  • edit 4 novels
    • Brass & Glass 2, Brass & Glass 3, codename Kyra, and Camp HauntB&G 2 should come back from my editors at Razorgirl very soon, while I hope to hand off B&G 3 to them later in the year. Codename Kyra might be something that I shop around to agents. Camp Haunt will be self-published.
  • continue reading and reviewing books for MSJ
    • Based on my current rate, that should be 17 more reviews. I’ve already lined up the first four books, and I have a couple more on my desk that will likely be 5 and 6, unless we get something else to review before then!
  • continue working on AustenWorld
    • I don’t really have a metric for this one. We’ll probably finish version 3.0 this year. Will it be ready to publish after that? Maybe. But regardless, work needs to continue.
  • editing Mad Scientist Journal, our annual anthology (Kickstarter to launch in February), and any other copy-editing work that comes my way
    • I’m not sure if I’ll have more copy-editing coming my way outside of MSJ and our anthology, but I’m available if you’re looking for a copy editor!

So it’ll be another busy year for me, if I can manage to get all of this done!


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