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Music Recommendation: Savage (Songs from a Broken World) by Gary Numan

Album cover for Savage (Songs from a Broken World)I’m a music junkie–back in the early 2000s, when large hard drives were pricey, I shelled out for a 300 GB hard drive to house my music. (All that music now lives on my laptop hard drive, with room to spare, because we live in the future!) But I haven’t bought a ton of new music lately, for a wide variety of reasons.

Yesterday, one of my friends posted a single (“My Name is Ruin“) from Gary Numan’s latest albumĀ Savage (Songs from a Broken World). I knew before it hit the chorus that I’d be buying it.

Turns out this is a concept album about a post-apocalyptic world that has become a desert due to global warming. To which I said “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” The video’s got this greatĀ Mad Max vibe, and between that and the fact that Gary Numan still sounds (and looks!) like he did in the 80s, and yet it’s somehow still perfect and relevant, this is absolutely my jam.

And it’s probably going to figure prominently into my writing soundtrack for when I get back to working on my own post-apocalyptic novel (well, one of them, at least), sometime in the future.

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