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Comic Book Recommendation: DC Bombshells Enlisted

Cover art for DC Bombshells: EnlistedI finally got a chance to read one of the many graphic novels on my stack, DC Bombshells: Enlisted. I’d been looking forward to this one because I’m a big fan of the Rosie the Riveter-like look that they gave Wonder Woman for this series (to the point that I’ve put together my own cosplay of this outfit).

This collection is, in large part, a sort of team origin story, which means you get a lot of tidbits from different characters as they all come together. To me, it felt like there was a heavy focus on Supergirl and Stargirl, with not as much time spent on my favorites, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn. But overall, as the storyline needed to pull together all of the heroes from disparate parts of the world, it made sense to give each of the various Bombshells a bit of an origin story that showed how they got to where they were. In the case of Supergirl and Stargirl, who in this universe are Russian, it took a little more work to get them joined up with the team.

This is the first of five collections that have been put together, so I imagine the story gets deeper as it goes on. But even as a standalone, this book works as a way to show how they pulled together a large number of female heroes in the World War II era.

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