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Superheroes in Other Times

Venetian maskThe first Cobalt City story I ever wrote (which was also the second story I wrote) was a late nineteenth-century look at one of Cobalt City’s legacy superheroes, The Huntsman. Since then, I’ve written another story of The Huntsman that takes place after World War II. Because The Huntsman is a legacy hero, it’s super easy for me to pick a point in time, figure out who was The Huntsman then, and then write a story set in that historical period.

Between my love for history and the open sandbox nature of Cobalt City, the superhero history of which stretches back to its earliest days, I have a lot of fun playing with the idea of superheroes in other times. While my recent Cobalt City pieces have been decidedly more modern (one was set in the 90s, but that one drew from my own memories rather than extensive research), I still love piecing together real history with the history of this city of superheroes.

If you also like the idea of superheroes in other times, check out “Daddy’s Little Girl” and “Red Scare,” both available in my collection, Sparx & Arrows.

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