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Fun for Friday: Autumn Leaves Story Seeds

Autumn leaves on the groundOne of my favorite things about autumn is the leaves. I grew up in the Midwest, so for me, the colors are amazing, there’s a smell in the air from people burning leaves, and you can crunch through the ones on the sidewalk. All of these things are much less true in Seattle, but every once in a while, I get a good pile to shuffle through or some excellent crunchy leaves to stomp on.

I could probably write pages of text describing autumn leaves, but instead, here’s a couple of story seed if you want to write something about autumn leaves with a spec fic twist!

  1. A character is walking down a sidewalk strewn with leaves, being careful not to step on the leaves. But behind them, they hear someone or something crunching through the leaves, growing ever closer to them.
  2. A character is enjoying the autumn leaves, but then the leaves start floating upward, rather than falling down.
  3. Autumn has failed to arrive. The trees are still keeping all of their leaves and they’re all still green. Or, the temperatures have dropped as expected, but the trees aren’t doing their part.
  4. Autumn has come when it wasn’t supposed to arrive yet–maybe in an early summer month, and suddenly everyone is wearing sweaters and watching the leaves fall into their unused pools.

You could take any of these seeds a multitude of directions. So enjoy!

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