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Fun for Friday: Building a Story Idea

A young African boyBuilding off of the writing exercise I mentioned in my post on generating story ideas on Monday, here’s a fun story idea for you to take and run with.

Here’s an interesting looking face, to the left–a young African boy, who looks somewhere between angry and sad to me. (You may think he’s got a different emotion showing.)

For an interesting place, let’s stick him in an enemy fortress. I’m leaving this vague so that it could be a fantasy fortress or a sci-fi fortress. You choose!

And for the interesting problem, he’s there to do something about a ritual related to an unknown god. You can decide if that’s to help it, stop it, or something entirely different.

Enjoy! When I finally get a moment to do something fun, I think this is going be a story prompt for me, too!

If you want to come up with your own story idea, Google is a great place to find interesting faces–I just did an image search there and found this boy. And I used tables out of Table Fables by Madeline Hale to generate the location and problem!

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