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Mini-Reviews of Comic Books

Cover of America 2 comic bookMy comic book stack has gotten ridiculous, so I’ve been reading some of them before I go to bed, when I’m not reading a book that I need to review. While I haven’t posted many in the past week, since I’ve been travelling and didn’t bring my comics with me, I’ve been writing some mini-reviews of the comics I’m reading over at my Instagram account.

I’ve mostly been starting with the singles, which are either at the beginning of their series (like the America #1 and #2 pictured) or specific comics in a run that Jeremy thought I might like. Mostly, he buys comics he’s interested in and then gives me the ones he thinks I’ll like. But every once in a while, I’ll put in a request (like The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, which my friend Alicia recommended, or Rough Riders and other weird historical comic books).

If you’re interested in seeing what I think about some new and old comics, check it out!

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