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Fun for Friday: Names in Other Decades

Arya Stark as Death of the EndlessHave you ever wondered how popular your name was in the year you were born? Ever wondered what your name would have been if you were born a decade earlier or later? Or have you ever been looking for just the right name for a character in a story or game? Look no further than this nifty widget that tells you where your name ranked in popularity the year you were born, but also gives you the similarly popular names for recent years, as well as each decade back to the 1890s!

Turns out that Dawn was the 23rd most popular name in the year I was born. If I had been born last year, and my parents had opted for the 23rd most popular name of 2016, I’d be Aria. (I’m bummed that it’s not Arya, like Arya Stark. Then that picture to the right would TOTALLY be me!)

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