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Fun for Friday: Get Sorted!

Sorting hatWith the twentieth anniversary of the Harry Potter books, all sorts of sorting quizzes have been making the rounds. But I’m particularly fond of this one, wherein Time magazine teamed up with researchers from Cambridge University in order to make a more personality-based test rather than the typical tests that ask questions from within the world of Harry Potter. You can also opt to have your answers used (anonymously, of course) by the Cambridge researchers who helped develop this quiz. Neat!

There’s also a map of which Houses are most prevalent in which state. Strangely, Washington is a weird mix of Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, so I may not be the typical Washington resident. When I took the test above, I scored almost 80% Ravenclaw, with almost 20% Hufflepuff, less than 1% Slytherin, and absolutely no Gryffindor at all! I wasn’t surprised by my first or second top scores, but I was a little disappointed that the last two weren’t reversed!

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