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Fun for Friday: Steampunk Name Generator

My husband occasionally teases me about how much I love random generators. This is in part because when we first met, I used a random encounter table for the Werewolf: Wild West game I was running. But it’s also very true. I LOVE random generators of all kinds. Sometimes what they give you is questionable, but sometimes you can take something you find on a random generator and run with it.

I’ve used a variety of random generators on the internet, and I’ve also used things like the Story Forge cards and Table Fables, which are designed for story telling and gaming. But I’ve also used tarot cards and other more esoteric means for certain stories and ideas.

I can say for certain that the main characters in Brass and Glass: The Cask of Cranglimmering were definitely not named using a generator. But some of the characters who get only a passing mention may have, in fact, been named using a steampunk name generator. My favorite one doesn’t seem to be working at present, but here’s one, called The Steampunk Name Generator, that lets you use your real name to create your steampunk name, or comes up with something entirely new. It comes up with some great names, whether you’re using them for writing, gaming, or just for a laugh.

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