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Upcoming projects

Cover art for Cross and Circle

The cover for Cross and Circle, out in August 2017

Since posting my May recap, I’ve come up with a few projects that I’ll be working on the coming months. My goal is to put out a new ebook every couple of months for the rest of the year.

The first of these was Unfixed Timelines, which collected a bunch of my alternate history stories with essays about the real history. The next project is a contemporary fantasy novella/novelette (it’s right at the border of the two, and I’m not sure which it will be until it’s all said and done) called Cross & Circle, which should be out in early August. Following that is another collection of stories, this time of the dark fantasy/quasi-horror variety, including several stories about teenage “monsters” of a sort. That one will be called Volatile Figments, and it’s due out in early October. Finally, I’m going to do a collection of my non-Cobalt City super hero stories called Heroes of Necessity, due out in December 2017.

I probably don’t have a backlog deep enough to maintain this pace beyond the end of the year, but there’s always a chance! I’ve been coming up with ideas for stories and knocking out chunks of them much faster than I normally write, so if I keep that level of productivity and enthusiasm going, it could result in a lot more ebooks from me! In the meantime, this is REALLY great news for the backers of my Patreon, as those at the $3 and higher level get these little collections and novella-like books as one of their rewards!

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