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February 2017 Recap

By the numbers:
Stories out at the beginning of the month: 21
Acceptances received: 3
Rejections received: 14
Stories withdrawn: 2
Resubmissions: 16
New Submissions: 0
Stories out at the end of the month: 17

Lots of news to share this month!

First off, I left you all hanging with my January acceptance, but I can now officially state that “Justice is Blind” will be published as a part of Bards and Sages Publications’ Society of Misfit Stories. It will be available for Kindle for 99 cents (for free if you have KindleUnlimited) on April 7, 2017.

Secondly, I had three acceptances in February. The most recent one arrived today, and I’m not able to talk about it yet, but I am SUPER excited by it. The other two were both reprints of a sort: Frostfire Worlds (part of Alban Lake) will reprint “Bringing Light to the World” in their August 2017 issue, and The Centropic Oracle, which launches tomorrow, will podcast “One for Every Year” (date TBD)!

The two stories withdrawn were one that had been sitting at a market that looked like it had dried up, and the other was based on a query that was not responded to. The former has gone back into submissions, while the latter, which is a novella-length piece, I’ve decided to self publish through DefCon One Publishing.

No new stories written in January, though I’ve made a teensy bit of progress on arcology. I wrote a couple of chapters of B&G 2, which is not as many as I would have liked, but it’s still progress. I did a bunch of research for the essays I want to write, finishing one essay and making some progress on a second. I’m still struggling to find time when I feel like I can sit and read the short story collection that I’m supposed to review–reading feels frivolous, especially when I have so many words that need writing. But I’m getting there.

In addition to my own stuff, we’ve also been putting together Winter 2017 for Mad Scientist Journal, and today we wrap up our successful Kickstarter for Utter Fabrication, which means we open the slush floodgates tomorrow!

In March, I plan to:

  • Write four+ chapters on B&G2 (should be at the end of chapter 8 at the end of March)
  • Finish two essays and start on a third for the short story collection
  • Finish the first draft of arcology
  • Start the first draft of twins (a new short story)
  • Finish reading the short story collection and write the review!

My other current project is my Patreon, which I just started a couple of days ago. There are plenty of neat rewards, but if I can get my patrons to kick in a total of $100 per month, I’ll write a piece of flash fiction from a randomly generated prompt each month! That will be fun!

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