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June 2016 recap

By the numbers:
Stories out at the beginning of the month: 22
Acceptances received: 1
Rejections received: 14
Stories withdrawn: 0
Resubmissions: 14
New Submissions: 0
Stories out at the end of the month: 20

(My numbers seem off, but I can’t figure out why right now.)

June wound up being a strange month, in which I didn’t get as much done as I was hoping to. I’ve been keeping up with writing Camp Haunt, which is my serialized epistolary novel on Channillo, so that’s good. I’m making progress on a couple of stories in the Cobalt City universe, but neither is done yet. But we fell behind on reading through The Trouble with the Tick-Tock Tabby, which means that’s going to be slightly delayed. We’ll probably have ebooks out in the next couple of weeks, but the print books might not be until the end of July, so not in time for the event that I wanted them for. Ah well, c’est la vie!

In the midst of all of that, I do have one acceptance that I can mention! “The Recondite Riddle of the Rose Rogue” (which serves as a sort of prequel to Tick-Tock Tabby) will be reprinted in the next Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, which is the third of that title. (I’ve also got other exciting news, but I haven’t signed the contract yet on that one, so you’ll have to wait for the official announcement soon!)

July will be more work on the Cobalt City stories and Camp Haunt. I’m also participating in the Write Like You’re Alive challenge that the fine folks at NonBinary Review are putting together. The goal is to create something every day of July, which can be writing but can also be art or something else creative. My plan is to write on my various projects AND a new story (codename: green). Assuming I can get the new story done, it will then go into an anthology that they’re putting together for those who successfully complete the challenge! Any rate, looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me!


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