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“Origin Story” is out!

 My first story to be published in 2016 is now out. My short story, “Origin Story,” appears in the debut issue of Black Girl Magic Lit Mag, which came out on January 15th. And look at that fantastic cover! Love it!

My story started out thinking about how the zombie apocalypse might play out in Seattle, what with all of the marathon runners we have in the area. It’s written from the perspective of Satchel, one of Seattle’s non-runners (like myself), who winds up discovering that the zombie outbreak didn’t just turn the masses into zombies, but did something for some of the non-zombified as well.

Though zombies have been done to death (no pun intended) in recent years, I’m glad to have come up with a slightly different take on it. And I’m glad that the fine folks at Black Girl Magic Lit Mag thought the same!

Black Girl Magic Lit Mag’s first issue is available as an ebook via this link. And if you read it, please consider leaving a review of it on Goodreads!

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