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“Miasma” now available!

My short story, “Miasma,” is now available from NonBinary Review via the Lithomobilus app. The app is a free download, as is NonBinary Review.

My story is a part of the King in Yellow issue, which I’ve been interested in ever since one of my friends used the King in Yellow as an antagonist in one of his LARPs, years ago. There’s something super creepy and sinister about the King in Yellow, and I had a lot of fun imagining him in a modern day setting.

Interestingly, this was one of two King in Yellow stories that I wrote at about the same time. “Miasma” was started first, but finished second, as I really loved the idea I came up with for the second story. But “Miasma” kept tugging at my attention, and I came back to finish it once the other story was done. The other one is still in search of a home. But this is not the first time I’ve written multiple stories in a similar vein, so I’m pretty certain that there is room in the world for one author to have two King in Yellow stories. After all, Chambers had four!

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