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May 2015 recap

By the numbers:
Stories out at the beginning of the month: 6
Acceptances received: 1
Rejections received: 16
Stories withdrawn: 0
Resubmissions: 18
New Submissions: 3
Stories out at the end of the month: 10

May has been a busy month! I finished and submitted three stories (runners, shoes, and game), and I found four previously published stories for which the rights have reverted to me. So those new and old stories started making the rounds, in addition to the other stories that I’ve had circulating. I did end up pulling one of those four out of circulation, because it was a piece of micro-fiction, and there aren’t a ton of markets for reprints of micro-fiction at present.

The only reason that I don’t have 12 stories out right now (which is the number that it should be at the moment) is because two rejections came in yesterday, and I haven’t had time to turn those around yet. They’ll be going out today.

My acceptance was for “Miasma,” which will be appearing in NonBinary Review. NonBinary Review does some really interesting things with an app called Lithomobilus, which allows them to present non-linear stories. I haven’t had a lot of chance to play with the app yet, but it looks really intriguing!

In addition to the finished short stories, I finished the revisions to my middle grade novella (cats), and submitted it to five agents. I’ve heard back from a couple of them already (rejections, alas), but I’m still waiting to see what the other three think of it!

I also finished the first drafts of two new short stories (candle and sea), and I’m making good progress on my mini-anthology, having finished one of the stories (coil), started on edits for a second (allies), and started writing a third (team up).

In June, I’ll be finishing revisions on three stories (allies, candle, and sea), and finish writing another (team up). I’ll also be writing a short story (cryo) and start working on another story from the drawer of “things unfinished” (demon) and a new short story (monkey!). Finally, I’ll start revisions on a novelette (occult) and one of the short stories (team up). Moving right along!


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