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March recap

By the numbers:
Stories out at the beginning of the month: 2
Acceptances received: 1
Rejections received: 3
Resubmissions: 2
New Submissions: 1
Stories out at the end of the month: 2

March was a rather productive month for me. I finished one short story and sent it off to an anthology. Though the story was rejected, I feel like it’s a good one, and so I’m going to make some small revisions to it and start submitting it again after those are done.

I also got an acceptance! My short story, “Fortissimo Possibile,” will appear in Crossed Genres’ anthology, Oomph!. The anthology collects stories about superheroes with just a little bit of power, and my story of Leila, the woman who can increase and decrease volume, fit the bill! I’ll be sure to share more details about when you can look for this anthology when I have them!

In addition to the new story and the new acceptance, I sent another story out for the submission rounds a few times, and I’ve got another story that’s been out for a couple of months. I’ve got two stories that I’m holding for revisions (the aforementioned new story and another one that’s been around for a bit longer), and they should go back out into circulation in April.

I’m also working on a rewrite of an older story; a perspective change on a story that I wrote from one POV, but then realized that it would be a better story from a different POV; and a plot rewrite on a story that’s been percolating for a while. I’m still a bit unsure about what I’m doing with the first of these, but I’ve got a good direction for the other two.

Finally, I’m planning to start outlining a novella or novel-length piece that started as a short story, but really had too much story to fit into such a tiny word count. I’ve been playing around with some world building for it, and have had some fun ideas. So I’m hoping to spend a couple of months working on that!

And, because I didn’t already have enough on my plate, I just did some preliminary research for an idea for another short story set during the Civil War. The ideas on this one are still in the very early stage, but I’ve got some pieces that I just need to put together, and probably then do a bit more research. Oh, the perils of being a historian and a writer!

Though it’s a lot on my plate, I think I’ve got a good schedule set up for myself. This is also helped by the fact that I’ve got another writers’ retreat coming up the first weekend of April, so I’ll have two full days and two partial days of sitting in a house with a bunch of other writers and cranking out the words (or revisions, or outlines). I’ve got a list of six projects I can work on there, and I’m hoping to knock out at least the two revisions, at least one of the rewrites, and maybe a chunk of outline. Ambitious, yes, but I know I can do it!

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  1. Nicole says:

    Congrats on the sale to Crossed Genres! I thought that project sounded really cool and I look forward to seeing the full TOC.

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