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Tinkering with things that are done

I finished up the edited draft of my novella on Saturday morning, and gave it to Jeremy to look at. In return, he gave me the second draft of his novella (which goes back to the publisher soon for final edits). Almost as soon as my draft was out of my hands, though, I had the urge to go in and tinker with things. I kept having ideas of things that I need to check or add or take out or otherwise fix. For now, I’ve been slapping my metaphorical hands, though, and telling myself that I can fix that stuff after Jeremy finishes looking at it.

Do other authors do this too? Do you tinker with your manuscript while it’s out, or do you have the willpower to leave it alone? My friend Nicole had a great post the other day on revision between submissions, but she is a woman possessed of far more willpower than me. So I’m curious to hear about how the other impatient types handle their manuscripts.

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