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Friday recap!

This week, I scribbled about 650 words of a story on post-its and in E-mails to myself. It’s an interesting way of writing, especially because most of the words are small, discontiguous scenes. But they’re part of something larger that I’m working on, in bits and pieces.

See, the story that I ended up writing for Timid Pirate’s Cobalt City: Dark Carnival was not the story that I started writing at first. I knew that I wanted to write a Kara Sparx story, but after I finished the first draft of the original story, I didn’t feel like it was really a Kara story. So I scrapped it, and eventually wrote “Unexpected Sparx.”

But now the original story has come back, because there’s were some fun bits in it – a two-headed vampire, a cat woman, and the mysterious island that spawned them. I knew that Kara had some sort of tie to these creatures and the island, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.

I sorted that out recently, and talked to Nate at Timid Pirate about writing a Kara story for a different venue. He was all for it, so that’s what I’ve been piecing together. I sometimes just get a snippet of dialogue in my head, or a little bit of Kara’s internal monologue, so I scribble it down on whatever I have handy. Last night, I sorted out all of the little pieces and realized I had written over 650 words in that manner. Now if I can just fill in the gaps between the snippets, I’ll have a draft!

I’m also working on another review, but I only had about an hour to work on it last night, and the words didn’t want to move like they should. That’s when I ended up doing the sorting of the other story. So at least it was a productive night!

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