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Friday recap

This week has been pretty slow on the writing front. The hubbie went on vacation sick, and I came home sick. It’s not totally clear if this is actually a cold or just allergies, but either way, the effect is the same. Can’t brain, has the dumb.

But I did get a bit of work done on some revisions to a short story last night. I also gave some thought to the story I’ve been working on for Mad Scientist Journal and decided that I just wasn’t feeling it. The level of explaining I would have to include to make the story make sense would have been boring to pretty much anyone other than cryptographers… and I probably would have screwed up enough of that to make them throw up their hands in frustration. So back to the drawing board for an idea for that one.

After waking up at 4 a.m. (!!!) this morning with story revision ideas, I’ve now got a notebook with a good strong back and a pen beside my bed. Paired with the awesome little reading light that I bought (it’s green! Like night vision goggles! And it doesn’t wake the hubbie!), I can now jot down ideas if they wake me up. Without even getting out of bed!

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