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January recap

By the numbers
Stories out at the beginning of the month: 5
Acceptances received: 0
Rejections received: 1
Resubmissions: 1
New Submissions: 1 (“The Cask of Cranglimmering”)
Stories out at the end of the month: 6

So what did I get done this month that isn’t reflected above? Well, I wrote two book reviews, figured out the organization for my YA novella, decided that a short story I was working on was really a novella or a novel, and reviewed Jeremy’s first draft of his YA novella.

I finished my one short story for the Write1Sub1 challenge last night, and sent that off to a market that I know will provide a bit of feedback on it, even if they don’t accept it. That seems like a good choice for a first place for a story to go.

Looking ahead to February, I’m planning to write a couple more book reviews, finish another short story, and hopefully finish the first draft of my YA novella. This seems pretty doable, though I may have a few challenges regarding getting butt in chair time for the first third of the month. I’ll be working from home for about a week while Jeremy recovers from elbow and carpal tunnel surgery, and I may find that once my butt has been in a chair for 8 hours of work, it doesn’t want to stay there for a few more hours of writing. But we shall see!

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  1. Samuel Mae says:

    Congrats on reaching your Jan W1S1 goals, Dawn! Sounds like you got plenty else done, too. 🙂

  2. Nice work. CONGRATS on reaching your January Write1Sub1 goals! Onward and upward into February…

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