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Friday Recap

Progress! I worked a bit on my apocalypse story, only to realize that what I was really writing was the beginning of a YA horror(-ish) novel(la). I’m still not sure on the length, but I know that it’s longer than the scope of a short story. So I’ve put that (tentative title: The Thirteenth Year) on the shelf for now, with hopes to get back to it in March.

In the meantime, that meant that I needed a different short story for January, so I pulled together a steampunk heist story (tentative title: The Cask of Cranglimmering) over the course of this past week. It clocked in at right about 4,800 words, and I’ve sent it to Jeremy to look at. Of course, he’s scrambling to finish the first draft of his novella (which has a real deadline), so he probably won’t get to review my story until tomorrow or Sunday.

And I finally sat down with my steampunk YA novella (tentative title: The Curious Conundrum of the Clockwork Cat) and identified the two places where I know it definitely needs improvement and the four chapters that still need to be written. I’ve set myself a schedule for those, and am planning to bash that out during February. I’ve got a few people who have said they (or their children) would read over the first draft when it’s done, which will be awesome!

Oh, and I also managed to post to all three of my blogs on every weekday, as soon as this post goes live. Hurrah!

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