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Good press!

I’ve mentioned my short story, “The Recondite Riddle of the Rose Rogue,” more than a few times. It was the first fiction that I wrote that was published, and now it’s mentioned (glowingly!) in a review that was posted to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website!

My NaNo project was another Marsh sisters story, and I think this review might just be the kick in the rear that I need to inspire me to actually finish it and then see if I can find a good home for it! It will probably end up novella length (I’m guessing 20-30K), so if anyone knows of any good places to sell novellas, please let me know!

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3 Responses to “Good press!”

  1. Nicole says:

    That’s awesome, congratulations!! You should link to the review 🙂

    I know GigaNotoSaurus (http://giganotosaurus.org/about/) publishes novella length stuff, but I haven’t worked with them firsthand.

  2. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Congratulations on the wonderful review!

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