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My writing has been slow lately, because I’ve been busy with my wedding, which was this past Saturday. As our guests trickled in before the ceremony, I noticed that our various friends were clustering in small groups. We had the roller derby group, the gamer group, and, of course, the writer group. Most of the writer group is friends from Seattle, but my best friend/best woman for the wedding is from out of state. She hadn’t met most of the people who we had invited, other than us and my family. But she found the writers easily enough, and introduced herself. This prompted a round of “OH! Now I can put a face to a name!”

Making connections with other writers, whether online or in person, can be super beneficial to anyone at any stage of their writing career. Even though the group that my husband and I write with is not a critique group in the traditional sense, the members bounce ideas off of each other, complain about the things that they’re getting stuck on, and occasionally do provide feedback on another members stories. For me, at least, it’s knowing that these people will understand when I’m sitting at the coffee shop, fingers poised above the keyboard, and can’t come up with the right word to convey what I’m trying to say. They’re the ones who propose ridiculous notions like writing a story in 4th person. And they are the second people I want to tell whenever I’ve accomplished something (first is the hubbie, of course). So I’m always glad when I can bring my best friend, who I’ve known for more than a decade, and them together. And see them all become friends on Facebook. Because having a group of writers like this ROCKS!

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