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Reading: Nightlight and M for Magic

Having finally had a night to sit and read, I managed to make it through two books! Compared to my usual woefully inadequate book consumption, this is a big accomplishment. It did not, however, make any apparent dent in the stacks of books I still need to read.

Nightlight is a Twilight parody, and it was, if you can imagine it, more painful to read than the Twilight books themselves were. This is largely because it made fun of the writing style, the characters, and pretty much anything you can imagine. But it made me laugh out loud more than a few times. If you’re wondering if you should rush out and pick this book up, I’d lean towards no. Your life can be more than complete without it. I don’t feel like it was a total waste of the hour and a half I spent reading it (it’s short, and I read fast). But it came close.

The other book I read was M for Magic by Neil Gaiman. I could almost say “re-read,” even though I had never actually read this book. But I had read each of the short stories in it previously, in various other collections, online, or as parts of other full-length novels. The short stories in this book are ones that are geared toward younger readers, for the most part. I don’t recall any swearing (but I tend to gloss over that), and there’s a few mentions of sex and one mention of male genitalia. Basically, though, I think this book is going to get packaged up and sent to Jeremy’s niece, who is 11 and a voracious reader.

I think the next book on my agenda will be to finally finish The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi. I’ve only been trying to read it for close to a year now. Other books just keep getting in the way!

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