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In Situ interview up!

| March 28, 2011

As part of the lead up to the publication of In Situ, Dagan Books has been publishing interviews with the authors of the stories. My interview is up here. My story for this anthology is in the form of a nineteenth century archaeologist’s field notes/journal. The protagonist, Doctor Taggart, finds a little more than he […]

First Person vs. Third Person

| March 11, 2011

I posed this question to my writing group last night, which got me some answers, but it also sent us off on wild tangents about 4th person and 5th person (among other things). When writing a story, how do you decide if you want to tell the story in the first person or in the […]

Cobalt City Timeslip available for Kindle

| March 7, 2011

Exciting news from Timid Pirate Press! The Cobalt City Timeslip anthology is now available for Kindle. You can get a copy here for $2.99. It’s got 7 stories in it, so that’s less than fifty cents a story! Sweet!

Too many ideas, not enough time

| March 3, 2011

I woke up this morning from a dream about vampires, and I realized by the time I got to work (and was still mulling over the details) that this dream could form the basis of a novel/setting. Because what I really needed to do was go and get myself worked up over writing a vampire […]

Flash Piece: Green Lung

| March 1, 2011

It occurred to me earlier today that one of my stories is available online. (It also occurred to me that I should add it to my publications list!) This story was one that I worked on, in two very different versions, for quite a while. I submitted one version of the story to one venue, […]