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Reading Notes: HP7

So I’m WAY behind on the whole Harry Potter craze, because I patently refused to read them when they came out, mainly because they were so popular. Yes, I have been known to be rather contrary. 🙂

But now I’m reading Deathly Hallows, and I’m almost to the point where I’ll be able to say I’ve read all of the Harry Potter series. However, I’m finding this both satisfying and not satisfying. It will be satisfying to finish the series, and move on to my next series that I need to read. But a few people have mentioned that they don’t really like this book, and I’m seeing places where I don’t like it either. The pacing feels off. There are long sections that drag on for pages at a time, and then poof, in the span of about 3 pages there’s a big(-ish) battle and a minor(-ish) character dies, and I’m left going “wha?!”

But I’m sticking it out to the end, because I’ve become strangely fond of the Harry Potter universe, and have started running one-shot games set prior to the book series. 🙂 I’m just hoping that the pacing smooths out, and that my favorite character in the series gets a better death scene than the one I just read… cuz if my favorite character has to die (and I already know that she does), it better be epic!

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  1. Cyrano Jones says:

    Back in ye Olde Days (before I started writing the *real* Harry Potter Book Seven), my housemate and I wrote one of those “Dinner Murder Mystery” gigs that takes place at Voldemort’s birthday party, before he meets Harry.
    I rather wish we’d kept the notes, because despite (or because of) it being a chaotic befuddled mess, the right audience could make it a lot of fun.

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